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Vegan, gluten-free experiment for 30 days!

As the wife of a butcher in the Valais, a meat lover and someone who believes in building muscle through weight training, this was one heck of a challenge! You may be wondering why? Following the confinement period, I wanted to clean up the diet (detox) and thought I would investigate vegan eating. I threw in gluten-free for fun :) I have noticed more inquiries in our restaurant for vegan / gluten-free options and thought there was no better way to understand these food lifestyles than to try them myself.

I must say that it was daunting at first as you must learn what you can cook with! However, as someone who loves food and is creative in the kitchen this was fun.. most of the time :) What did I learn? You can improve your energy and slim down fast! It is also impressive to see the large variety of vegan gluten free products and delicious plates that can be created. I must admit that I miss chicken and will re-introduce meat as I prefer a higher daily protein intake with more choice, however, I will definitely take some of these excellent food habits with me!

Spicy Vegan Buffalo Wrap!

I also noticed how hard it is for vegetarians to eat out (let alone vegan, gluten-free!). Although we are rooted in homemade meat dishes with a butcher in house (Canadian BBQ Ribs, hamburgers, dried meats), we have a few veggie options at the Guest House du Grand Paradis and have added a new Spicy Vegan Buffalo Wrap! We also now offer almond milk to spruce up your latte/cappuccino and even have a gluten-free beer! Happy eating & drinking for the whole family! :)

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